Contest – Write a Fairy-tale about Wrocław Dwarves

The Festival of Dwarves takes off in September, but you can already enter a competition for the best fairy-tale about dwarves. The winning piece will be acted out on the theatre stage in September, during the aforesaid festival.

The next edition of the Wrocław Festival of Dwarves will take place as soon as 13-14 September 2013. We invite all dwarf-lovers as early as now, because a number of attractions are being prepared.

Today, the first of these: A contest for a fairy-tale about Wrocław dwarves.

If you have an imagination and like to write – write a fairy-tale! Financial awards are to be garnered of a total value of 7,000 zł, but the most valuable prize is the chance to view a theatrical performance based on your own fairy-tale. Students at the State Higher School of Theatre in Wrocław will perform during the Wrocław Festival of Dwarves.

We request you send entries through April 5, 2013.


The entered works should be saved on 2 separate CDs or DVDs. We also request that you insert your completed entry card and declaration into the envelope. Please write the title Wrocław Festival of Dwarves on the top of the envelope.

Contest entries together with the appropriate attachments filled in accurately and legibly should be delivered by mail, courier or in person to the address:

Biuro Promocji Miasta
Przejście Żelaźnicze 1, 50-107 Wrocław

Works should be entered by the firm deadline of April 5th, 2013 by 3:00 pm. (The date of delivery of your written work and documents is key).

Wishing you the best of luck!