Charitable theatre play „Nippers for Nippers”

The Idea

Ms Anna Jaroszuk (initiator)

‘The idea came from pure will to help those in need. Since the Clinic of Haematology, Marrow Transplant and Oncology in Wrocław is raising money for a new, professional building I decided to support this goal by organising a theatre play. Part of funds for the project came from NUTRICIA (an employees’ voluntary help programme). Remaining expenses are covered thanks to free-of–charge cooperation with various companies, institutions and voluntary workers.’

The PlayPremiere will take place on the 2nd and 3rd of April 2011 at Impart Art Centre (CS Impart), which supplied organizers with a hall to perform the play. All persons involved in organising the event provide their effort without pay.

COORDINATOR: Ms Anna Jaroszuk

SCREENPLAY: Mr. Sebastian Siewert

DIRECTOR: Mr. Michał Pryszczewski

MUSIC: Mr. Sambor Dudzińkski

CAST: Dwarves – Actors of Ad spectators theatre, Fairy tale characters – children from 3 different Wrocław’s kindergartens.

The Seven Dwarves are preparing for a Fairy Tale Examination. Suddenly, the wind blows their pages and the dwarves have a problem with matching stories to titles. Kids play each of the fairy tale characters from the pages, one by one. The show is very interactive – children from the audience play an important part in completing all stories. In the end all “fairy tale puzzles” are put back together.

Further details available at the project’s website and Facebook.