Dwarf rumours

Booking for our dwarf tours has started!

We invite children (5-12 years old) and their parents to participate in the cycle of dwarf tours. The booking for the tours has already started! During the expeditions we will check what dwarfs do in their free time, what interests and hobbies they have and what their passions are. We will play hare and hounds and we will not let dwarfs deceive us!

Welcome the first day of spring on Słodowa Island

This time we will celebrate the arrival of spring throughout the entire weekend. On SłodowaIsland there will be a circus and an artistic zone and you will be able to participate in physical activities and listen to outdoor concerts. The weather is expected to be very good, so we invite you now!

Come and create! Young people and applied arts

Recruitment for participation in the second National Biennale of Student Arts has started. Young people can create and invent everything related to applied art. The Biennale is intended to teach and enable the development of creativity in handicrafts.

The name of the Italian dwarf: he is called Italwarf!

A solemn jury, which consisted of Wrocław dwarfs and you, dear readers, decided what the Italian resident of the dwarf city will be called. The dwarf, situated on the brick wall of the Italian passage on Więzienna street, is called Italwarf! The choice was not easy. For dwarfs, a name is an almost sacred thing […]