Dwarf rumours

What calendar do dwarfs use?

First of all – without those bizarre and artificial division into months. You have to decide either you stick to a solar calendar or a lunar one, right?

Pracz Odrzański, the Washer

The Washer has already been featured as the ‚Dwarf of the Week’, however, due to his recent adventures the editorial staff decided to do it again. His kidnapping, the investigation that followed and happy ending make a ready-made screenplay for a thriller movie. Not for the first time in his life, anyway…

The Prisoner from Prison Street

Day by day, he stares gloomily from behind the thick bars in Prison Street (ul. Więzienna). Heavy chains inhibit his movements. Why is that so? The reason has been long forgotten. Versions vary depending on the source of information. He was reportedly punished for disrespect for public order because of shaving his beard, something that no respectable dwarf would think of doing. Others claim his name used to be the Lazy Dwarf and he was sentenced to confinement after having overslept for a yearly meeting of the dwarfs of Wrocław. The truth is different, though. He’s guilty of gluttony.

The Cathedral Miller

Hardly anyone knows of the existence of this heroic dwarf. However, the inhabitants of Wrocław owe him many years of flour production.

Enterprising Dwarf goes on tour!

Do you remember the ‘Enterprising dwarf’ outdoor game that won the Lower Silesian Science Festival visitors’ hearts? As it turns out, the idea of the municipal clerks of Wrocław is appreciated not only by kids but also by the Ministry of Economy. The Ministry nominated our project to the European Enterprise Awards finals which means our dwarf is ready to conquer Europe!

The Caring Dwarf guards Children’s Home

Santa brought a wonderful gift to the little occupants of the Children’s Home. From 6th December they’ve had a new neighbour, the Caring Dwarf who found his place to live in Parkowa Street in Wrocław.