Dwarf rumours

The Academy of Small Champions starts in Wrocław

Next Wednesday, October 15, students of Wrocław primary schools will be able to participate in a unique handball training session. It will be unique, because it will be done under the masterful eye of multiple Poland representative, Artur Siódmiak.

Teeny Grapheny – this is the name of the smallest dwarf in Wrocław

He is only 20 micrometers tall, has a hat pulled over his eyes, a long beard, and on his shoulder he holds a mysterious ring – that is what a fragment of the structure of graphene looks like. It is a dwarf that has settled on a grain of sand in Wrocław Research Centre EIT+. The contest for the name of the dwarf is now finished – the dwarf is called Teeny Grapheny.

The city ruled by dwarfs!

On 12th and 13th September at the Puppet Theater and the nearby Old Town Garden there will be the Wrocław Dwarf Festival. Admission to all events is free of charge.

Your bike can be safe. Mark it!

Riding a bike is a great way for spending your free time. It is worth remembering that recreation, though active, should also be safe. The City of Wrocław Police mark the bikes on the Market Square, in order to prevent their theft.

See a monitor lizard in the Wrocław ZOO

Komodo monitor lizards have come to our park from the Colchester ZOO. Three seven months old females are 60 cm long. For the time being you can watch them in the terrarium, but new construction works are planned aimed at building a new exhibition, which would also provide good conditions for adult lizards.