Brave Kids parade to commence at the Central Station

Brave Kids fot. S. Zajaczkowski

The annual Brave festival is accompanied by the Brave Kids initiative. This is the time when children from all over the world visit Poland, learn about other cultures and participate in various workshops. Children from this year’s Brave Kids initiative are already being hosted in Wrocław, and on June 30th we will be able to see their parade, starting at the Railway Station.

Wrocław citizens will be able to enjoy the joyful performances of Vietnamese children from the Czech Republic, who will show with pride the cherished traditions and rituals of their fathers; shows of kids from Iran, who through music, dance, theater and folk games support the rich Persian culture and presentations from young descendants of Rajasthan artists living in the „Puppet colony” located in Delhi. For the last two days all these things have been on display at the Brave Kids shows. There are more impressive presentations to come, and the admission for all of them is free.

– During the first appearances children presented beautiful dancing and traditional rites on the stage says Anastasia Korczak, director and initiator of Brave Kids. – We encourage all citizens of Wrocław, together with their families, to join our project and support the young artists with their presence. For them this will be their first performance in front of a Polish audience.

Children participating in the Wrocław part of Brave Kids will stay in the city until 7th of July. Until then, they will take part in art workshops during which they will take on the roles of both student and teacher of their native traditions. Similar workshops for other participants of the project, run parallel in Warsaw, Łódz and Puszczyków near Poznań. In total, there are more than one hundred children from 13 countries taking part in the initiative. As a next step, they will all meet in Krośnice in Lower Silesia, where for a week they will prepare a shared, international performance that will be shown to a wider public during the finale of the Brave Festival in Wrocław.

A colorful Brave Kids and friends parade will begin on Sunday, June 30, at 5 pm at the Railway Station.