Booking for our dwarf tours has started!

We invite children (5-12 years old) and their parents to participate in the cycle of dwarf tours. The booking for the tours has already started! During the expeditions we will check what dwarfs do in their free time, what interests and hobbies they have and what their passions are. We will play hare and hounds and we will not let dwarfs deceive us!

We invite you for tours on the trail of Wrocław Dwarfs. Until the end of September, during every weekend, the youngest residents of the city along with their parents will have the opportunity to learn about the secret life of dwarfs. Together they will solve a host of dwarfish riddles and meet many dwarfs. We will also see what dwarfs eat, what they do, what they like doing when they have some free time, and we will explore why they like Wrocław so much.

It is possible to book a place on a tour three weeks in advance on the following page:

You are invited!