Blood donation centre in Wrocław with a dwarf!

On June 14th the little fellow moved under the pelican’s wings, which symbolise the honourable idea of volunteer blood donation, as these birds feed their own blood to their nestlings. The figure has been made by Mr Tomasz Moczek – the “father” of our city’s dwarves.

June 14th is special, because it’s the World Blood Donor Day, hence Professor Tadeusz Dorobisz Regional Blood Donation and Treatment Centre announced a special campaign called “Dwarves among blood-donors” in which you are all invited to come up with a name for the new dwarf and a story of his origins.

Contest’s rules are available at the RBDTC’s website –

Timeline of this campaign is 15th June – 30th August and the results will be announced on August 31st.

You are welcome to take part, wonderful rewards await the winners!