Become Engrossed in Tram-Reading. The Youth and Children Book Fair Begins

MPK, the municipal public transportation company in Wrocław, encourages its passengers to reach for a good reading, not only at home, but also in the city buses and trams. The campaign “reading-engrossed tram” (Zaczytany tramwaj) is to encourage the youth to read more often.

“Good Pages” (Dobre Strony) is the Wrocław book fair both for children and the youth. It starts on Thursday May 23 and will last for three days until Sunday, May 26. MPK in Wrocław, the fair’s partner, has already announced a quiz for its passengers. The quiz question is “What do The Doll and the MPK head office have in common?”

The award will go to the first five people who have given correct answers. The list of winners can already be found at the MPK website, and the awards will be waiting for them during the Good Pages Fair (May 23-26) at Plac Solny.

During the fair, in buses and trams, for 2 hours a day from 2 to 4 p.m., a special storyteller will be reading parts of fairy tales. Among them will be those recommended by MPK passengers. All those who wish, will be able to meet the storyteller on the tram route Plus from 24th to 26th May.