Baśka Kwarc and Zbigniew Wodecki for Friendly Rooms. They sing ‘Maya the Bee’ theme song once again

What does the legendary forty-year-old Maya the Bee have in common with Polish hospitals? The age is often the common denominator: the friendly character is as old as the décor of children’s common rooms at pediatric wards.

Baśka Kwarc of Klatka B. is hanging around the recording studio dressed as a bee, while Zbigniew Wodecki is chanting the popular theme. Finally, they sing together, which is a studio debut for the well-known Baśka.

Both Wodecki and the popular Baśka participated in making the music video for charity. The campaign is planned to promote Friendly Rooms, places where children staying in hospitals could feel free, forget about the separation from their parents for a while, or simply – not to be bored.

The idea came from the society who is responsible for the realization of this project.

Each common room features four zones: an arts zone, a fun zone, an educational zone and a reading zone. The modern, ergonomic equipment will be safe for children. The common rooms are equipped with multimedia equipment, educational games, toys and mini-libraries. These places are going to bring the hospitalized children a lot of fun and joy, helping them through the difficult time.

The first two Rooms have been arranged in Wrocław hospitals: the Falkiewicz Hospital and the Provincial Specialist Hospital, with the cooperation from Krajowy Rejestr Długów Biuro Informacji Gospodarczej SA and Rzetelna Firma program. They are 28 square meters in size, and allow the child to spend almost all day there. The initiative has a national scope, however, and more Friendly Room may be arranged in other cities. 40 common rooms are planned at children’s care wards in hospitals across Poland.

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