Animals in Wroclaw celebrate Easter. The ZOO is prepping attractions

The Egg Day will come again to the Wroclaw Zoo. From Wednesday, March 27, visitors will be able to feel the magic of Easter among animals. On Easter Monday, everyone can come to the zoo to participate in a treasure hunt.

Sweets hidden throughout the park are the plan of the Wroclaw Zoo for Easter Monday, April 1. However, the celebrating will start earlier. From today, a walk in the park will give you the opportunity to enjoy the Easter decorations prepared in previous years by students of Wrocław schools and kindergartens during art competitions. This year’s edition, named “Eco-Egg”, involves making holiday decorations using recycled materials.

In the Bird House, visitors will be able to see more than just birds’ eggs. Additionally, an incubator for chicken eggs will be displayed to let you watch the chicks hatch.

Julian Katta, the Wroclaw ZOO logo lemur, has promised that on Easter Monday he will be hiding sweets packs around. Spots for Easter treasure hunt will be marked with large Easter eggs.