A Tale of A Friendly Dwarf

We are happy to publish another short story sent for our Dwarf Competition! The author of the short story is Mrs. Anna Kowal-Gąska.

In a fairy tale land, where life ran smoothly and happily, there lived a dwarf. Each time, when someone was in need, the dwarf was always there to help. When a deer mum needed someone to look after her baby, she always knew the dwarf would ensure the best care. And so did other fairy tale mums.

If someone lost something deep in the woods, the dwarf would help to find it. When somebody needed a travel companion, the dwarf packed his backpack and wandered through mountains and woods.

On one of such journeys, the dwarf, together with his friend, reached the land called Wrocław. It was in Wrocław where his friend, who had always admired his companion’s noble behavior, told the story of the dwarf to everyone willing to listen. The story reached the prince who reigned over the Wrocław land. The prince, in gratitude for the dwarf’s kindness and friendliness, decided to give him a name and also to make one more surprise for him.

A messenger was sent to the dwarf with an invitation to the palace. There the prince gave him the name most suitable for our dwarf – Friendly Dwarf. The surprise was a monument erected by a court craftsman as an award for our friend’s noble behavior. The monument was placed in the centre of Wrocław.

Ever since that time, the Friendly Dwarf has been assisting Wrocław residents, inspiring their joy and smile during their walks around his statue.