A finding in Dwarf City

Spring came, so did the spring cleaning time. None of the dwarves had to be persuaded to take part – after all they are really conscientious and hard-working creatures. Once again the Dwarf City shines more and more every minute, after a long and tough winter and from beneath a layer of dust surprises appear one by one. One of them happened to be truly valuable.

You surely know the Vet Dwarf (Weterynarz). For a while now he has been living in the local clinic Interwet, where he helps humans to treat sick pets. Thanks to the knowledge of animal language of all species, little Vet instantly finds out what is the matter with them and informs humans about it.Yet there were times, when Vet existed only on paper. From those days come the treasures found while cleaning Dwarf City – original sketches of the animal friend among dwarves. Their author, who can be called the father of Vet, first sketched him and only afterwards created. As you can see, two concepts had been considered, but eventually the sitting one was chosen for the dwarf not to exert himself too much.