A Dwarf In Exchange For Italian Classes

How to get the money to put in the city a new dwarf in less than two months? Marcello Murgia is making an attempt – he is raising funds through crowdfunding.

Crowdfunding, in short, refers to raising money through community members, who by providing the funds can in some way benefit from it. Not necessarily financially, it is often about some kind of an exchange. In this case, in exchange for the money, you can, for example, improve your Italian.

Why Italian? Because the dwarf, for which Marcello is looking to collect 5,500 zlotys, is to be Italian, it is to refer to the community of Italians living in Wrocław. Marcello Murgia, who has been living for many years in the capital of Lower Silesia, has come out with the idea to put such a dwarf in the city.

Most of the money he is going to collect, will be transferred for the dwarf project and its implementation. The rest will be used for organizing the event for donors at the unveiling of the statue. A percent of the amount will go to the owners of the crowdfunding platform through which money can be raised.

It is not known at the moment, where the Italian dwarf would be located, or what would be its characteristic feature. The concept is still open. Money will be collected until March, and then – after collecting the appropriate amount – the work will begin.