„Zaczarowana Kolomotywa”

„Zaczarowana Kolomotywa” a play of Wrocław’s Theatre for Children based on the novel by Michael Ende “Jim Button and Luke the Engine Driver”
September 16, 2012 / 11 AM and 4 PM
Small stage / tickets: 15 PLN
We would like to invite you to join our journey on an unusual locomotive…
The main character of this play is Lucas, the Engine Driver and his extraordinary locomotive – Emma. The plot begins on Trochania island, to which audience is taken by Lucas and Emma. The island enjoys life in peace and harmony.
Trochania is under reign of a merciful king – Louis Quarter-to-Twelfth, who has Lucas, the Engine Driver and two other subjects Mrs. Coo and Mr. Sleeve as his loyal servants. The peaceful life of Trochania is disrupted by the arrival of the Postman carrying a mysterious parcel. When opened, the parcel turned out to contain a baby – little boy, who was named Jim by the King and subjects. Once Jim grew up and started to become an adult Subject, it appeared that Trochania is too little for another subject’s house to be built… Jim and Lucas, the Engine Driver decide to take Emma and set out on a journey to the unknown…
During this long voyage they have to take difficult decisions, prove to be both courageous and wise…

Written and directed by: Wiktor Wiktorczyk
Scenography: Zbigniew Roszkowski, Grażyna Wielgus
Music: Konrad Rogiński, Michał Prynda
Lyrics: Filip Surowiak
Projections: Mirosław Koch
Lights: Wiesław Drzewiecki
Costumes: Magdalena Nikiel
Cast: Klaudia Kąca-Jasic, Lucyna Wróbel, Kamil Gałuszka, Tomasz Kanczewski, Konrad Till
Tickets: 15 PLN
Booking at: rezerwacje@impart.art.pl
Tel. 071/341 94 32
Online booking and ticket sales is available at: www.eventim.pl or www.biletin.pl