Wrocław Will be Pedaling for Auctions

Five special city bikes will run from March in Wrocław for the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity. Nextbike, the operator of the system, at the end of 2013 season, will provide the total amount of the ‘orchestral’ bikes rental income to the foundation’s bank account. In addition, Nextbike has given to the auction one of their stations in the city center.

Already at the beginning of March 2013 five bikes marked with Orchestra’s colors will appear on the streets of Wrocław. At the end of the season the income from their rental will be donated to the bank account of Jurek Owsiak’s foundation. So the amount donated will just depend on Wrocław cyclists – to help the good cause, it is just enough to rent the characteristic bikes.

In addition, Nextbikehas also given one of their most popular stations for the special auction of the Foundation of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity. Now it is possible to brand (with both graphics and text) and name one of five stations at the auction “Your Bike Station in the Center of Wrocław from Nextbike Poland”.

This is an interesting offer for Wrocław companies, businesses and organizations which would like to advertise in an attractive way, in a prestigious location, and at the same time help the Orchestra, which will receive the bided amount. Auction winners will be able to choose out of the following stations:

– Grodzka/ Most Uniwersytecki

– Plac Grunwaldzki/DS „Kredka” i „Ołówek”

– Hala Targowa

– Plac Orląt Lwowskich

– Plac Jana Pawła II

The bidding is done at the popular online auction website Allegro at: http://aukcje.wosp.org.pl/twoja-stacja-rowerowa-we-wroclawiu-od-nextbike-i731979