Where do the dwarves celebrate New Year’s?

Our sources maintain that the party is thrown by Papa Dwarf, as usual, featuring Grajek and Meloman as deejays and catered by Obieżysmak (TasteTrotter) and Pierożnik. Szoł Mastogołoń, the ringleader, is sure to have already prepared New Year’s games, competitions and plays. Klaunuś (Clown) will make sure nobody is sad on that night. Those yearning for real fun should prepare for Casino Dwarves: Hazarduś (Hazard), Pokerek (Poker) and Farciarz (Lucky). We have the impression, bordering on certainty, that many dwarves will be leave the party penniless. Halabardnik (Halberd) will take care of the safety of dwarves. He’s the only dwarf who doesn’t have a night off. For all the others, it’s the most important day of the year when they party undisturbed,  free of tourists and children. According to the rumours, even the Prisoner escaped the cell to meet his fellows.

Two dwarves turn their backs at the party: Śpioch (Sleepyhead) and Chrapek (Snoring Dwarf) who will sleep through the New Year’s Eve.

Have fun, Dwarves!