Well-Wisher’s blog – spring is coming!

We have already written a lot about the outstanding adventure of Wypłatnik and my fellows from krasnale.pl even managed to interview the dwarf himself!

Since Wypłatnik’s miraculous rescue, the underground Dwarf City is filled with happiness. You need to know that his kidnapping brought all the dwarves down. All of them, without exceptions, were very worried for their brother’s fate. His comeback caused an explosion of euphoria and a carnival atmosphere has not left our city since then.Big Humans joined our celebration eagerly since they’re always willing to dance, sing and drink for Wypłatnik. I hope the festive mood is going to last till the end of the carnival!

To the top of that, the frost has gone away! Yesterday I saw before my very eyes a young man strolling walking through the Market Square in Wrocław dressed only in a T-shirt. Will you believe this? It’s an unmistakeable sign the spring is coming. The Sun is shining, the temperature  is never below zero during the day and we have already started to look for crocuses and snowdrops!Spring is in the air!