Well-Wisher’s Blog – II Dwarf Festival coming soon!

If you had taken part in the first one, then you know it’s real fun. If you missed it, check out the photo gallery and be  sure to remember this date: 7th-8th of October 2011. This time you can’t miss a chance to celebrate together with Wrocław’s dwarves.

For now we cannot tell you much – inhabitants of the Dwarf City are now drawing up a draft of the festival’s programme. They’re getting help from our friends in the City Promotion Office, which organised a special contest for the best programme of our Dwarf Festival. So if you have any ideas how to organise this happy event share it with the Big Humans. Apparently the winner will receive quite a sum of money.

We’ll keep you posted on the progress of preparations to the festival. The one thing I can promise is that there will be so much fun! Dwarf’s hounour! In the meantime stop staring into those computers and go enjoy the spring! I’m going back to my place on the Market Square! See you!Well-Wisher