Well-Wisher’s blog – episode 7

One of the tasks is to catch fireflies needed to light the Old Market Square. Surely you know very well that some time ago this reprobate Goblin van the Oder escaped from the dungeon in the Owl Mountains and decided to thwart our ranks in preparation for the great feast on the Old Market Square. Since his escape he is constantly bothering the inhabitants of Wroclaw – he is spitting in their soups and recently he even managed to release all the hippos from the ZOO. Few days ago he somehow tore all the feast invitations! Great Dwarf Council appointed me to catch the vicious bully red-handed. I’ll tell you, I’m  so happy that I’m almost literarily bursting with pride but I realize how difficult task awaits me. That is why I would like to ask you for your help and support. If you want to join the hunt for the goblin, go to website gra.krasnale.pl and try to deal with this villain. There are 10 boards waiting for you at three levels of difficulty: easy, medium and difficult.

You are probably wondering what challenges you will have to face. I do not want to spoil the fun for you and describe all the surprises but I can reveal that for example you must pick some freshly laundered dwarf pants from the Oder, put out the fire in the Centennial Hall or fight a pirate battle with a Goblin. The top players will receive attractive gifts and the honorable title of the Goblin Hunter.

Do not hesitate, because the feast is ready to begin at any moment now and if we fail to catch the fugitive, the great celebration will probably end up tragically. I could presume that the villain has already prepared a cunning plan to ruin the preparations. Can you help? Game is available at this link.  Yours Well-Wisher Dwarf