Well-Wisher’s blog – episode 11

Every year we celebrate the Day of Kindness with an increasing pump. There will be no difference now. We prepared for you lots of amazing attractions, nobody will be bored, I guarantee that with my cap. You may ask, what exactly will happen? I will tell you just in a minute…

It is hard to count everything down, but I will mention at least these most important things. First of all, the most of the most important issue will be the money collection for babies from the Wroclaw Hospice for Children. Do not forget to share with them a few coins in the course of the Easter fund raise or the charity auction. For you it may be a small expense, but it is huge help for the kids.

In the Browar Mieszczanski at the Hubska street (because there will the bulk of events happen) we will watch the exhibition of the winning works of art produced by children from schools in Wroclaw on the subject named „kindness every day”, we will play the Grasnal game, we will learn how to mold clay, we will see the cooking show and the special fashion shows (such as dwarf fashion of course). There will also be conducted art workshops, art and ceramics for volunteers. There will also be, of course, some music. The kids from the school of music and youth from the Lower Silesia of the Association for Children and Youth “OSTOJA” will sing for us. And at the end of the day there will be three fantastic concerts: Hoo Doo Band, Renata Przemyk and The B.Y.M  band – The Beautiful Young Men.You can not miss it! Remember, 21st November, all together, we are going to celebrate the Day of Kindness! PS. If you, dear friends, have an account on Facebook, do not forget to like the Day of Kindness. Well, you can always invite me to friends:) See you there!