Well-Wisher’s blog – episode 10

I Wroclaw Dwarf Festival (because so pompously have we called our holiday) will be a two-day event, to which we heartily invite both the inhabitants of Wroclaw and tourists. It will be huge! What exactly? Let me specify:- we’re going to play Grasnal – it’s a very cool board game, but I’m not going to reveal any details, come and try for yourself- we’re going to admire the dwarfs pictures exhibition under the slogan “small is big” – exhibition will be opened by Katarzyna Figura herself- we’re going to take part in the march in support for ourselves- we’re going to watch “Kingsajz” film in the Pasaż Grunwaldzki shopping centre together.

It’s all on Friday, 10th September. And what about Saturday? On Saturday it will be even better!- in the morning (starting from 10 am) we’re organizing classes for kids – come and join us at Plac Teatralny- at noon we’re opening the Great Cabaret Competition at the Puppet Theatre – fantastic entertainment quaranteed!- at 5 pm we’re starting an open-air fairytale performance called bajkobus – you have to be there!- and finally the gala evening – we are going to laugh together with Artur Andrus, Hrabia cabaret and the winners of the competition.

In the meantime, it’s worth jumping to the Pasaż Grunwaldzki shopping centre to watch dwarf fashion show, or listen to smart people who will speak on various topics of interest. You can find a lot of other useful information on the website of our festival.  Remember, my dear friends, we’re awaiting you on 10th  and 11th  September!

Loads of fun guaranteed!

Yours Well-Wisher Dwarf