We Know the Results of the Tune for Wroclaw Contest (Kawałek Wrocławia) – Marcelina is the Unanimous Winner

After a 90-minutes session, the Chapter of the Tune for Wroclaw Contest (Kawałek Wrocławia) have reached a unanimous verdict. The first place has been awarded to Marcelina for the song Wroclove. The second-place award has gone to the duet of Krautwurst and Damrych, while the third place has been given to Dominika Barabas. The Concert of Laureates will be held during the celebrations of the Kindness Day.

Marcelina, who has been awarded with the First Prize worth 51,000 PLN, is the graduate of the Faculty of Jazz at the Academy of Music in Katowice, a vocalist and the founder of the Marcelina Band and project. In 2011 her first record was released. Although the album is her phonographic debut, she has already given over 50 performances.

The Chapter of the Tune for Wroclaw Contest, which included Ewa Michnik (the Director of the Wroclaw Opera), the Elita cabaret, the jazzman Zbigniew Czwojda as well as Konrad Imiela (the Director of the Capitol Theatre), have reached a unanimous verdict.

– We wanted the winning song to be in the first place catchy. This piece seems likeable; it is, as its title – “Wroclove”- suggests, an actual confession of love to the city, so it does not require any further explanation – says Ewa Michnik.

The winning song has the potential of a hit song: it is optimistic and addressed mainly to young people. What I concentrated on was the evaluation of lyrics – this song distinguishes itself in terms of lyrics from the other five proposals submitted for the contest. That is why it has a chance to become the hit – says Jerzy Skoczylas, a member of the Elita Cabaret.

According to other members of the cabaret – Leszek Niedzielski and Stanisław Szelc, the song proposed by Marcelina is funny and optimistic and, therefore, it makes a good example of a song suitable to represent Wroclaw. However – as Szelc admits – none of the submitted proposals was free from defects.

All of the presented proposals lacked this simple charm and such points of reference that were present in the famous song about blue trams performed by Maria Koterbska – says Stanisław Szelc.

The sharpest criticism comes from Zbigniew Czwojda:

None of the songs stole my heart; none of them is really “mine”. I have chosen such a song which would best fit into the mainstream of youth music. I think that if you work a bit on the instrumental background and the group will refine the details, the song may become a real hit – explains Zbigniew Czwojda.

The official Award Ceremony as well as the Concert of Laureates is due to be held at the Eter Club on 21st November, during the celebrations of the Kindness Day.