Think up a new dwarf and win ‘Smaller perspective…’ album

First of all, the new dwarf has to be named and the name needs to tell us about him or her. It should refer to how the dwarf looks like or the role he plays in the Dwarf City or perhaps to his background. Do not forget to explain in your entry, why you think this particular dwarf should appear in Wrocław.

As to the way you create your entry there are no requirements. You can accurately describe, draw or paint him (adding a short description), you can also record a song or video. Whatever your imagination suggests.

The main prize will go to the author who manages to join an idea of the dwarf with an interesting way of presenting it. We wait for your creativity to surprise us!

Entries can be sent up to Tuesday 26th of April (day after easter), so there is really much time for you to think carefully and prepare a stunning work! Please, submit them to

In addition to the main prize Papa Dwarf promised gifts for a couple of outstanding works.

Who knows, perhaps the winner’s idea will earn such good reception that the created dwarf will in fact appear in Wrocław…Good luck!