The winners of the New Year’s Eve competition – part II

Marta in a very interesting and humorous way described her trip to Wroclaw, during which she managed to visit most of the Wroclaw dwarves. We were captivated by both the story itself, and the way it was presented. We were able to see how the visitors from other parts of the Poland perceive (often with tongue in cheek) the smallest inhabitants of our town.

And in the near future we will present the same poem to you in a very visually attractive design. But for now let it be a surprise. You might like this, it is really worth the waiting – we were completely spread on the shoulders. Meanwhile, ladies and gentlemen, the winning poem of our New Year’s competition! Once again congratulations!

“Walk in the Wroclaw”

Although I don’t live in Wrocław,
My fiancé is strongly insisting
that I take part in a competition
which can be tough but surely not boring!
We come from Cracow – the city very beautiful,
in many respects probably unequaled,
but we lack terribly one thing:
no dwarves live here:(!
It is a terrible and cruel message,
which was given to me by me a gentleman,
that it is Wroclaw that thanks to its uniqueness and charm attracts all the dwarfs.

To check everything carefully, one day, when it was nice, we went to the station in a state of decay, where of the dwarves there was no trace, but we were not worried by this at all, because it seemed to be great:) We started our walk down Kollataja street,we saw a dwarf, but with fear – he had a cleaver, chef hat and a serious face, he was a shop guard so he was so important there!

We continued walk to the Partisan Hill ,at which we stopped for a moment, because even though a little neglected and abandoned it should be thoroughly visited!

Next we chose to visit Olawska street, where we several Columnists suddenly met, for a moment we listened with the Music Lover to the musicthat Player performed and these notes were so moving.

The market is large and colourful, no tenement does require renewal. There is the drapers’ hall and a magnificent edifice of the museum, a beautiful fountain and Fredro’ monument which is perfect, and a lot of wonderful dwarfs in places, where sometimes we did not expect them at all! Here is a remarkable trio, though not entirely perfect. Wroclovek is all about love, and joy is radiated by Well-Wisher, Pigeon Keeper will fly away someday, Guard is watching well-behaved children. Champion still leads in everything,while Caller is still telephoning.Plasterer wants something plastered all the time, Banker wants to donate money to everyone! Withdrawer has probably a lot of cash, and the plate of Gourmet is full of tastes.

On the Old Market Square we saw everything, so we went to Swidnicka street. I added a lot of work to Sisyphes,because I rested on their ball. On the whole street the Columnists appear in crowds, and at the end of the street stands the dignified and proud Papa Dwarf, who recalls everyone that the Orange Alternative actually happened! Just before the corner, I almost forgot, I sent a letter and a packet in the name of the Post Dwarf!On the Salt Square we saw four Columnists, They can seem sometimes offensive, but do not panic: they have some childish fun – they just want Wroclaw from above to admire! Two more  underneath the buildings of the old stock exchange – Long and Broker are posing with a flourish. We walked down the streets more and more beautiful, And we were welcomed by different dwarfs. At the Church of St. Elizabeth Sleeper sleeps, it was probably some dreamy day, I just referred to the nearby Snore – the dwarf sleeping deeply, I hoped Voyager would not take his flip-flops! Butcher’s axe was really scaring, So we visited Jatki very rapidly.

We walked around and visited the Kuznicza Street, but I will definitely say – it was fun. Smith was preparing to work, so he didn’t seem to be talkative.

Dumpling Lover was rather not hungry, but very trendy – we shared the delicious dumpling,he easily won our sympathy. Further on, I do not know if you even had a clue… Three dwarves hid behind an ATM! Before we filled our plan

To visit the Cathedral Island, We met the Bookworm at the Ossolineum Library, and together with Ossoliner we read some wise books.

The sun was beautifully shining,
So the walk was really delightful,
We were so struck by the bridges and islands,
That we completely forgot about the dwarves
Then suddenly we saw the magnificent Cathedral,
So we took a lot of photos
And we continued our tour.
After crossing an enormous bridge,
We found ourselves at the National Museum,
We took a walk down the boulevard,
Then we decided to visit the Panorama Raclawicka Museum. The tickets were quite expensive,
And we were short of time anyway,

So we chatted with Panoramix and with his lovely horse for a while.
This dwarf invites guests to admire Styk’s and Kossak’s paintings, Which are worth any money, really!
We had to take our time,

so I just passed in a jiffy the Steward, which guards the secret key, but he would not tell us anything significant 🙁

Motorcyclist is a phenomenal joker, his vehicle drove onto the sidewalk, he parked it quite courageously at the Cathedral, it seemed to us that he wanted to hide from the rain.

Florian was pampered by us tenderly, with the hope that the happiness we received. we hastily threw a look at the buildings at high Podwale: Court, Police and Public Prosecutor’s Office, although they were built to scare, there are not gloomy at all.

Then we practically had to run back,
Because we spent so much time here,
But we could not restrain from stopping by,
We greeted ShowMustGoOner in Pilsudski street,
Just next to the Capitol Music Theatre.
And that is the story of our trip,
A short runaway from daily worries,
And although we did not see all the dwarves,
We are still worth admiration 
And for sure we are going come back soon,
But this time for much longer,
So that we could trace all the dwarf figures
And we will certainly invite our friends to do the same!

Marta Zabłocka