The name of the Italian dwarf: he is called Italwarf!

A solemn jury, which consisted of Wrocław dwarfs and you, dear readers, decided what the Italian resident of the dwarf city will be called. The dwarf, situated on the brick wall of the Italian passage on Więzienna street, is called Italwarf!

The choice was not easy. For dwarfs, a name is an almost sacred thing that cannot be changed, and which distinguishes its bearer very strongly. Not only must it fit to the small inhabitant, but also be interesting and easy to remember. Therefore, at our request, you voted for the best name for the dwarf from Italy. Our proposals included: Italwarf, the slightly longer – Italian Wrocław Dwarf, Italo, Dwarfano and Cesare.

In addition to the vote on the name, you also sent your own proposals, which included Salvatore and Romano Italiano. All were charming and the the dwarf liked them, but in the end more than half of the votes went for Italwarf. The Italian dwarf took the name according to the usual ritual and went to celebrate it with its dwarfish brothers in the Mouse Hole, sipping its licorice beer.

You cast a total of 24 votes (thank you!). 13 of them were firmly on the side of Italwarf. 8 votes were in favor of Italo. Two voices went to Dwarfano, one vote to Cesare. The name Italian Wrocław Dwarf did not gain any recognition.

The editors of, the founders of the Italian dwarf, and Italwarf himself thank you very much! Visit the dwarf at the earliest possible opportunity 😉