The Motorcycle Dwarf is a celebrity!

The Motorcyclist is the unquestionable winner. Curiously enough, he’s been living in Wrocław for a couple of months only – way shorter than other dwarves. Six months is enough to win your love, it seems. ‘First thing I thought was <Hey! It must be the dwarf who’s just escaped from ZZTop!> Apart from this, I really admire he can handle the motorcycle with one hand only’, explains Paulina. Another Motorcyclist fan, Monika, adds:

‘Apparently, the dwarves are as crazy as we are. They don’t spend their entire life helping us, doing chores or guarding our gardens. They have their hobbies and traditions, too.

’Other awards went to most famous Wrocław dwarves, namely: Papa Dwarf, the Prisoner, the Kind and two Sisyphs.

‘Papa Dwarf is my all-time favourite as we look alike – both of us are sweet, warm and chubby. Papa Dwarf is simply wonderful and, contrary to other dwarves, you can hug him!’, Agnieszka speaks of her choice.

Agnieszka will be rewarded, as we loved that explanation. Prize go to other four best explanations, we will contact you in person.

Thanks for all your votes and good luck in the contests to come!