The Market and Świdnicka get greener. New trees planted

Twenty-six trees and 164 shrubs – these new plants are a new addition to the Wrocław Market, making it more green. The contractor managed to plant the trees on time, in spite of the prolonged winter.

Walking down Świdnicka street, one will see different species of trees including maples and the common yew. In total, twenty-six trees have been planted on this street and in the Market. The old ones were replaced due their poor condition, resulting from the pollution with salt, among other factors. This is why the spots where the trees and shrubs are planted have been adequately protected. Runoff water mixed with dirt and chemicals should therefore no longer threaten the plants. The roots of the trees and shrubs are surrounded by a three-centimeters “frame”.

The planting of new trees was implemented by the company PARK-M. The cost of replacement and planting new plants amounted to 412,000 zlotys.