The dwarves of Wrocław wish you Merry Christmas!

This Christmas in Wrocław are going to be very cheerful, like every year, thanks to the tiniest inhabitants of the city. Dwarves share people’s affection for Christmas and celebrate them in a lavish way. Christmas Eve in the underground Dwarf City is one of the few moments during the year when all of them gather in one place to share the Christmas bread, taste traditional dwarf dishes and sing dwarf carols together. And as soon as they’re done with eating and unpacking gifts, they all head for the Christmas meal with the people of Wrocław. So don’t be surprised when, on your way for the midnight mass, you’ll encounter a group of dwarves desperate to speak to you or simply eat Christmas bread together. It’s also highly probable they’ll surprise you with a small gift – dwarves adore giving Christmas present and the manufacturing of the gifts in the Dwarf City has been quite intense since a couple of weeks ago.

The dwarves wish you the Merry Christmas! See you on 24th December on the streets of Wrocław!