The Cathedral Miller

The Cathedral Miller (Młynarz Tumski) came to Wrocław with a  water wheel  As the member of the Working Tribe he’s one of the dwarfs who assist people in their work. The Miller knows everything of crop milling devices and has been working in the Maria mill in Ostrów Tumski (Cathedral Island) of Wrocław for centuries, unnoticed.

After  weary mill workers had gone to bed, the Miller got down to work. Thanks to the screws he oiled and petty things he fixed the mill was operating perfectly well all these years, always providing people with fresh flour.  With the closure of the mill, he could finaly retire. Currently he’s enjoying a new hobby –  baking. His accomplice, the owner of the nearby bakery, sells Miller’s products to the Big Humans, keeping the existence of the dwarf secret.

The Miller spends his spare time sitting by the river Oder and breathing out  bake roll-shaped puffs of smoke.