Play The First Polish Charity Game And Stand Up To Malicious Germs

The Wroclaw foundation “Saving Children with Cancer” supporting young patients at the Department and Clinic of Pediatric Oncology, Hematology and Bone Marrow Transplantation, has found another way to raise funds for the realization of their goals. In collaboration with Techland – a leading developer of computer games, it has launched the first Polish charity game.

Heal Them All involves a story that alludes indirectly to the activities of the foundation. The players find themselves inside the human body that needs to be protected from infection by dangerous viruses and bacteria.

The game’s reality has been consulted with oncology clinic’s staff, and the manually created, colorful graphics make it suitable for the whole family. The music inspired by the 8- and 16-bit era is another advantage of the application the emergence of which, at the border of the multimedia market and charity, is precedent in Poland.

Due to the ever growing mobile gaming market and the increasing interest in digital services, we felt that this type of application will get the game to as many people as possible, and it will help to make the players interested in the situation of children with cancer, as well as encourage them to support the construction and equipping of the “Cape of Hope”,’ says Paweł Marchewka, CEO of Techland.

A “tower defense” application, inspired by the organization’s activities, is available for Apple mobile devices, but now is scheduled to be released for mobile devices running on Android.

Currently the game is available as a free demo version from AppStore, but anyone can purchase the full edition. The application is based on a “freemium” distribution model. This means that some of the game’s features are available for free, and in order to unlock the remainder of the content, 1.79 Euro is charged. Additionally, you can buy “vitamins”, which allow you to use more of the “weapons”.

The profit from the game will be forwarded to the young patients at the oncology clinic, and to the construction and equipping of the hospital’s new headquarters – “Cape Hope”.

Over the 21 years of its activity, the foundation has helped several thousands of children, but it still needs funds. There is a shortage of diagnostic equipment, the purchase of costly medicines for children is required, as well as funding for rehabilitation… you need money for all of this. And if we can acquire it from donors in return for entertainment, the benefits are two-fold’, highlights Agnieszka Aleksandrowicz, Chairperson of the “Saving Children with Cancer” Foundation.

Heal Them All can be downloaded from AppStore.