Free Dwarf Tours for children – registration!

SIGN UP FOR A FREE TOUR FOLLOWING THE DWARVES OF WROCŁAW  One set of tours consists of five different dwarf excursions:

–    At Melo-dwarf, Papa Dwarf and Little Florian – how are the old mates doing?

–    Dwarf Manoeuvres – something for the inquisitive, observant and courageous Dwarf Seekers

–    About Pidgeon-feather, Tourist and Collector – passions and dreams of the city’s dwarves

–    A visit to the Dwarf Camp and the Young Couple – big and small dwarf secrets

–    About River-washer and other hardworking dwarvesAltogether 50 tours are prepared – beginning June 26th at 11:00 am and ending on October 9th. Full schedule available here .

For each tour there is place for 20 children aged 5-12. All children who sign up for our tours through will receive surprise gifts.

All tours begin on Szewska Street – at the square beside St Mary Magdalene’s Church.For free family tours following the dwarves of Wrocław you can sign up through a special webform.