What advice would dwarfs give to students?

The beginning of the academic year is approaching: small students, as well as larger, human students will begin their studies at the universities of Wroclaw. For some, it involves a sad return to reality after three months of “doing nothing”, while others cannot wait for the first day of studies. See what advice the dwarfs that are closely connected to education have prepared for future and current students.


Books are the foundation (but not for the plates or cups of coffee!). You should reach for them as soon and as often as possible. Do not forget that reading is a simple way to success in private and professional life. And do not think that I do not know what I’m talking about … I have read about it a lot.


Students should be reminded of the following, which is probably the most important: do not sit all day at home in front of computers. Remember that you, like me, can take your laptop everywhere with you!



The fact that mathematics is the queen of the sciences is well-known, but sometimes I have the impression that students should revise counting … time. Remember: a student quarter, which is how late students can be for their class, is 15 minutes and not a second more! For all latecomers: Set the alarm!


Spend your evenings and weekends quietly. Preferably in the house with a cup of tea, so you save me some work. No thrills, please!




Believe me, we already know all the excuses by heart: another essay accidentally left at home, no Internet or absence in previous classes – these are just examples of the most popular. If you already know that you will need a good excuse in the next few months – prepare a list before the start of the academic year.


Invest in yourself and do not forget about your own pleasures (but everything in moderation). Keep in mind one very important concept: financial liquidity. Maybe one day you will be sitting on  money, just like I am.