Welcome tourists! A walk around dwarf attractions for tourists

Turysta2-Siem-1We assume that not only city residents but also tourists will visit for the upcoming weekend Festival of Dwarfs. Therefore, just before the start of the festival, we present you with a map that will lead you through the biggest attractions of Wroclaw, which are guarded by dwarfs every day.

We begin with a walk from the city’s famous Lower Silesian Regional Office. This is where important decisions for the inhabitants of the whole region are made. Just in front of the office is Facsimile, who controls the circulation of dwarf documents. After hours, she loves to visit the nearby National Museum.

A stone’s throw (or actually a dwarf’s cap) away from the museum is the Raclawice Panorama. Around the circular building Panoramist dwarf rides on his horse. Panoramist is already quite elderly, so often he rests with his horse in the shade of the building. You can find them on the windowsill of the rotunda.

After seeing the Panorama, we suggest a longer walk to the District of Four Temples. In a quiet courtyard, you can admire the White Stork Synagogue. The Synagogue often hosts concerts, so it is no wonder that the Tolerance dwarfs are two jazz musicians.

A little further there is Solny Square and the Salt Columnists on it. They are dwarfs that have seen a big chunk of history from the top of their column. This square was one of the most important places in the markets of the city.

We could not ignore the Tourist dwarf. You can find him at the Tourist Information Centre (14 Market Square). It is a good address for those who want to take as much information as possible from their tour.

At the end of our little interactive walk, we recommend that you look for Well-wisher dwarf. Well-wisher is located in the Market Square, next to the fountain on the Gołębi Square. He is a true celebrity among the dwarfs. He has many photographs taken and is probably the most recognizable dwarf. You cannot leave the city without seeing Well-wisher!

To view the trip route, click on the following map.

mapa - witajcie turysci