Welcome party at Dwarfs’ [story]


Chris/ CC by 2.0/ flickr.com

Far, far away from the city center, a small gnome has landed on a green courtyard. Falling from the sky he hit three balconies and a geranium, and has caught his parachute so has ended up hanging from the pot. The bruised gnome has lost his hat and backpack, and as he was tiny for a long time no one could hear his quiet cry: “Help, help! Sob sob” wept the little paratrooper.

He started to think that nobody would help him, but during the day something started to happen on the estate. The wind howled, and people dressed in blue started running around the gnome hanging out on the balcony. They made noise, splashed paint, passed bricks to one another, and paratrooper watched as all the buildings around him began to grow. Fascinated by how quickly people were bustling about at work, paratrooper did not even noticed as one of the workers grabbed him by the remnants of his parachute and lifted him up.

“AAAAAAA! What are you doing?! Careful, I could break!” shouted the gnome.

“I’m sorry, I thought it was a spider web and I wanted to knock it down. However, it is …” The bricklayer looked at the gown of the gnome.

“Man, don’t you recognize a parachute?! Were you born yesterday, or what?” snorted the gnome.

“It’s so tiny, it’s hard to see it. Even smaller than you. Who exactly are you?”

“Hmmm, I’mmmm…” The gnome hesitated.

“Are you a Wroclaw dwarf?” the bricklayer asked impatiently.

“Eh, I do not remember. I think it’s this fall.”

“With your size you remind me a dwarf, but I do not recall that we have one like you in the city… Maybe you want something, maybe you need some help?”

“You know man, it seemed to me that I had a backpack. Have you seen it somewhere?”

“I have not seen it. I can look for it later if you want. But now I have to go back to the site. Our fountain is not working.”

“Fountain? Take me with you. I’ve never seen any fountain. Tell me about it, please.”

The bricklayer put the gnome on his shoulder and took him to an abandoned installation. He told the little stranger that the nozzles that point out of the ground should spring with water. Around it, there should be children playing, and then the habitants of the estate could cool themselves at the fountain.

“Such an invention! This fountain of yours is such a thing as an irrigation system, or aqueducts. Tell me, what do you sow in your land?” the gnome asked thoughtfully.

The bricklayer burst into laughter.

“Hahaha! I see that you are familiar with the building sector, buddy. But I have to disappoint you, fountains do not serve to fertilize the land.”

“So what are they for?”

“They are decoration. They make the area more beautiful and cooler in summer. But enough of this talk, time to have a look at the entire installation. Come, I’ll show you how the water flows through pipes. Maybe we can find out what is causing that fountain not to work.”

The bricklayer showed the gnome the entire network of pipes and tributaries and threw himself into the work.

“Oh no! This is what I was running away from and now you want to enslave me again!” cried the dwarf, and he began to jerk towards the exit.

“Dwarf, calm down! What’s gotten into you?”

“This is a maze! Again, you want to shut me in it!” The gnome tried to leave, but halfway out a broken wing appeared from torn pieces of parachute.

“Dwarf, sit down immediately. You need to get back to health. You have a broken wing, and look, I got you something. It’s probably the backpack you were looking for?” Bricklayer pointed to the bulgy bag, which was clearly stuffed into one of the main pipes.

The worker went towards the installation and pulled the backpack out from inside the pipe. At the same time something made a noise in the fountain, and a stream of water appeared on the surface.

“This fountain of yours is a beauty. An incredibly beautiful thing. I must apologize to you, man, that I did not trust you. Thank you for the backpack, but I do not know whether anything will help. You see, I do not remember who I am or where I come from. I only remember that I ran out of the maze, and finally landed here.”

“Nothing to worry about. Here nothing threatens you. We have people like you. We call them dwarfs. You are confusingly similar to them, so maybe you want to stay here?”

“And what do they do these dwarfs?”

“Each of them has something else to do. And what do you specialize in?”

“I do not remember.”

Well, yes, yes. Look …” Said the bricklayer. “Maybe we open the backpack, try to repair your wings and we reflect calmly on what we should advise you.”

The gnome agreed to the idea. He pulled from his backpack a lot of feathers, maps, technical drawings, calipers, pencils, calculator, rulers. Devastated he dropped into a chair.

“I have no idea what I used to do and why I landed here,” said the resigned gnome.

“You know, and this reminds me of something… You said that the fountain reminds you of ancient systems of irrigation, so you are familiar with the construction industry. In addition, in your backpack you have plenty of maps and architectural drawings … Something is dawning on me, but let’s ask our residents, they certainly know what you once did and they will give you a name. Then you can join the other dwarfs!”

“Really? That would be great” shouted the gnome.

The bricklayer did as he promised. All the residents wondered what the gnome’s story might be and how to give him his name. Finally, it all got explained. We were able to piece together some clues. Wroclaw residents remembered the old myth of Daedalus and Icarus, that is, father and son, who escaped from a maze on makeshift wings. Daedalus was a very respected designer, a kind of architect who glued wings with feathers. The wings were their only chance to leave the maze. They were, however, imperfect. Under the heat they could easily fall to pieces, so Daedalus forbade his son to fly too high. The concerns of the father were right. Icarus rose too high, so the sun damaged his wings. The history of the newcomer seemed to the residents of Wroclaw confusingly similar, so little the little gnome – the aspiring dwarf – as he showed exceptional skills of professional builder, was named Daedalus and settled on the new housing estate in Wroclaw.