We know the name of the dwarf at “Whiskey in the Jar.” The restaurant team invites you to a welcome party!

DżaruśOfficial presentation of the sculpture will take place on April Fool’s Day. Although the atmosphere will generate jokes, the new dwarf will be quite seriously named “Jary” and restaurant customers will rise for a toast for him.

The new dwarf has become a showcase of the Wroclaw bar and steak house restaurant “Whiskey in the Jar.” His characteristics are: motorcycle jacket, beard, leather pants and double bass! He was made by sculptor Tomasz Moczek – sculptor, painter and graphic artist.

The restaurant team organized a contest in which internet users chose the name for this new Wroclaw resident. The dwarf was named “Jary” and his official presentation will take place on April Fool’s Day, which is April 1, at 8 pm. Presentation of the sculpture will be accompanied by a concert of Blue Cocks, a special toast to the health of dwarf and a number of competitions with prizes.