We have a new dwarf! Meet Decoralor

Dwarfs take on a wide range of activities. Some of them choose mundane work (e.g. Newsboy), while others will follow the artistic voice of their hearts (e.g. Wroclaw Philharmonic dwarfs). The dwarf who managed to connect the two is Decoralor, who recently joined the crew of the hard-working Wroclaw dwarfs. Get to know him better!
Decoralor has been known for his painting skills in the dwarf community for years. In addition to beautiful paintings, he can also paint walls and ceilings, and he is really great at his job. That’s why PPG Deco Poland chose him as their dwarf ambassador. Decoralor became part of the Dekoral crew on the 18th anniversary of the company’s existence.
“It is a great honor! I am glad that I was noticed and I can do what I love,” said Decoralor at the conference. He was very moved when he was handed the professional painting equipment at the event.
Decoralor is equipped with a can of paint, a ladder, with which our little workaholic meets every challenge, and a roller (the best ever made for small dwarf hands!).
Do you want to know more about Decoralor? Visit his profile.