“We dress Wroclaw Dwarfs” – vote for the best design

From 22 October to 16 November you can vote for the best designs for the Wroclaw Dwarfs created as part of the “We dress Wroclaw Dwarfs” competition.

The aim of the competition is to offer attractions that fit into the climate in Wroclaw, involving all age groups at the same time. The organizer wants to use elements of design and fashion to strengthen relations with the inhabitants of Wroclaw.

The total value of prizes in the competition is 10,000 PLN, broken down by:
• Grand Prix awarded by the jury in the amount of 3,000 PLN,
• The audience award granted by Internet users in the amount of 3,000 PLN
• 8 awards – each worth 500 PLN.
The organizer also predicted prizes for voting Internet users – the book Stories of Wroclaw Dwarfs.
You can vote on www.facebook.com/Wroclavia, using the tab WE DRESS WROCLAW DWARFS COMPETITION.