Walk on the bank of the Oder with dwarfs

fot. roovuu/ (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)/ flickr.com

fot. roovuu/ (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)/ flickr.com

The Oder waterfront, near Różanka district, regained its former glory over a year ago. Admittedly, on one side of the river there are still renovations taking place, but it is now worth taking a stroll by the river and visiting the surrounding dwarfs.

The walk can begin from the area near Kurkowa Street, where new residential and office buildings overlooking the river climb towards the sky. Right in front of the headquarters of the social network “Our Class”, there is Wrocklick, a dwarf very skilled in qwerty keyboard. It sits on a laptop with the “Our Class” logo displayed on the screen. On the way towards the Oder River, just off Strzelecki Square, you can pop in to the Science and Technology Park. There you can work out on the open gym devices, play with children at the playground, but also rollerblade, cycle or ride a scooter around the fountain.

From Pomorska Street one can easily come across Motheus. This dwarf loves to sew, knit and do embroidery and crochet. Be careful not to trip over him, because he stands at the entrance to the store on 20 Staszica Square. Going further down Pomorska Street, you can turn for a moment into Kleczkowska Street. In front of the headquarters of Clarena there is Clara. She is a very attractive little female dwarf who loves cosmetics and appreciates her own beauty. So she is sitting on a low pedestal with her legs crossed, putting a cream on her face. Do not let yourself be deceived though, as Clara is not a vain dwarf! Nothing of the sort. Clara, just like the founder of Clarena, is a smart and resourceful woman who knows all about ingredients and chemical reactions.

After visiting Clarena you can return to Pomorska Street and head towards the main point of the trip, which is the Oder waterfront. We recommend going by the nice green route, on the river embankment toward Trzebnicka Street. It’s quite a long walk, but it is worth seeing Zakładową Street, to have a look at the investment guarded by the dwarfs of the Wroclaw Promenades. A company building a housing estate put them on Słonimskiego Street. The dwarfs congratulate themselves on a job well done. One of them wears a helmet with the logo of the construction company “Erbud” and the other wears a helmet with another investor’s logo – “Vantage Development”.

If you still have enough strength and energy, we recommend returning to Trzebnicki Bridge and going to the other side of the river. Following the beautifully restored waterfront you can pass Polanka district and go towards Bałtycka Street. There, in close proximity, there are as many as two dwarfs. Dwarf Gymasiast is located next to the Ossolineum Gymnasium No. 27. He appeared in this place to celebrate the Tenth Anniversary of Gymnasiums in Wroclaw. Today, every gymnasium in the city has a faithful copy of him. And have you already thought about which school to choose after primary school? Maybe you’ll like this building and in the future you will choose precisely this school. We recommend, however, carrying books in a backpack and not on the head. In this case, you should not take your example from the dwarf.

The last point on the trip is Agora. This dwarf is a true artist. He paints, sings and sculpts, and he is particularly gifted at making dwarfs out of clay. No wonder, then, that he has decided to live in the Agora Cultural Center. In his tiny hands he is holding the logo of the center and he is closely monitoring what interesting things are happening around. An exhibition opening or maybe a rock concert? Those children who go to gymnasium No. 27 will benefit from the offer of the Center. You can only envy them being so close to the Cultural Center, the beautiful Oder and, naturally, the dwarfs.