Visit the new dwarfs that found a home away from the city center. Meet Angelic, Bitey and Truffle

trufelek4Along with the new settlement that appeared in Krzyki, Wroclaw has welcomed new dwarfs. Enjoy a short trip in their footsteps. It will help you get to know a neighborhood watchman, a shop resident and a small braggart.

You will find Bitey on 57 Parafialna Street, by the Center. The dwarf is the mascot of the Orthodontic Center, although the specialists working there sometimes regret that he appeared under their roof. The dwarf was supposed to attract customers, however, instead of dealing with marketing, he plays tricks. Asked why he is still grinning and showing his teeth, he replied that he is drying them, because drying them exempts you from everyday cleaning. Of course, one should never believe him. He babbles nonsense against the advice of orthodontists and dentists because he is one of those dwarfs who would rather have fun than work.

Near Bitey is Angelic. This dwarf is an oasis of tranquility and the good spirit of the new housing estate Aura. Angelic is affectionately called the guardian of the housing estate, but no one who knows him would have trusted him with any important function. This dwarf is forgetful and always walks with his head in the clouds. His favorite activity is organizing nativity scenes, so the work on the show begins on January 1 and ends just before Christmas. Angelic says that if he was not a dwarf, he would certainly be an actor. “Actor?! Probably one playing only one role,” Bitey maliciously observes every time it comes up.

Truffle is the neighbor of the other arguing dwarfs. He is a lover of cheese and mascot of the Green Truffle shop, on 14CC/A Zwycięska Street. As a proper dwarf who loves food and knows it well, he is a great peacemaker in all disputes. As soon as Angelic and Bitey have too much to say, he appears with a soft camembert and tempting smell, persuading warring parties that there is no point in fighting.

Here you will find the route to be used on the interactive map.