The story of Present-giver and the lost bag of gifts

prezentuś1Enthusiasts of dwarfs and Wroclaw are probably aware that every year the Christmas market brings Present-giver. How is it that Present-giver appears and disappears? This will be explained in our story.

Hello, I would like to order a sleigh with a set of reindeer for November 18, please” said Present-giver over the phone. A woman on the other end of the line sighed and cried briskly:

Christy! Boss! There’s someone pretending to be Santa Claus again. He says he wants to book reindeers, as if…”

Honarata! Pull yourself together and stop making silly comments when clients are on the line! Give me the phone” demanded the manager.

It’s Christine here, head of the Department of Elf Management, how can I help you?”

Christine? Hello! It’s Present-giver speaking. I’m calling, like every year, to order my reindeer taxi to Wroclaw. The market is on so I have to get there somehow. Can you take my booking?”

Unfortunately, Present-giver, this year, we are only serving elves. And in addition, all the reindeers have already been booked out. They are taking Santa Claus. You know, this year we had to give him a few more, because he got fat again during his holiday and the old brigade would not carry him” whispered Christy.

Now you’re telling me?! But I have to carry a bag of gifts. How will I get to Wroclaw?” worried the dwarf.

I do not know… Can’t you book yourself a night flight by plane? You should be able to slip unnoticed among the people. Just, you know, when you get there, do not tell anyone about the fact that Santa has gained weight. He really does not like being reproached about cookies with milk,” giggled Christy, and she hung up the phone.

Present-giver pulled his cap over his ears, put the last gifts into the bag, slung it on his back and set off towards the airport. At night he was waiting in the huge square for the right plane. An hour after midnight there was a direct flight to Wroclaw. Present-giver threw his sack of presents in to the baggage hold, and hid himself behind the door, waiting for airport staff to pack all the bags and suitcases of the other travelers on board. After a few minutes the room was filled with hundreds of colorful bags. Distressed Present-giver wondered how to slip through the baggage control after landing in Wroclaw. In the end, he decided it would be best to put his own gifts in the most distinctive suitcases and traveling bags.

“Yes, hidden like this they will surely go through customs, and after that I will quickly find them before the luggage goes to the owners!” he thought, pleased with himself, and proceeded to stuff his packages into suitcases with zebra designs and polka dots and a pink Hello Kitty backpack.

A happy Present-giver got off at Wroclaw airport merrily singing:

“Lalala… Present-giver is coming to town…”

Then, suddenly, he was blinded by flashlights, and his ears caught the barking of dogs. Present-giver experienced a shiver of horror:

“It is the people! They will see me! I must hide” he said to himself, and leaped into the bushes. Unfortunately Present-giver spent too much time in hiding. Once the threat of airport security moved away so that he could return to the arrivals hall and find his gifts hidden in suitcases, there was very little time left.

So, let’s think…” he said trying to calm his mind “suitcases with zebra design and polka dot… No, something is not right… Well, where are these bags?! There it is! Polka dot suitcase!”

Present giver caught the luggage and quickly pulled out the gifts that he hid. He managed to find the pink backpack with Hello Kitty, but unfortunately the suitcase with zebra design had to be taken away by the owner…

Present-giver was able to regain most of the gifts that he brought to Wroclaw. However, his search for the zebra suitcase and the gifts hidden in it continues. We are keeping our fingers crossed that he can find them before Christmas, so that every child can receive what they have longed for all year round.