The pigeon-keepers

As you’ve already learned from the previous fairytale, the City of the Dwarves wouldn’t have been built if not for the enormous effort of all future inhabitants. One little heart of a young dwarf didn’t beat stronger at the thought of new tunnels, grottos or charming underground houses, though. Whenever little Barnabas had the chance to go outside and spend rare moments of spare time on his favourite meadow, he cast a longing look to the skies. He felt it was his destiny. Sometimes watching birds hypnotized him so much that his parents and friends, both worried, needed to look for him in the neighbourhood. One day, little Barnabas and his friends went for a long trip. While walking down the road, the young dwarf heard cry for help. Friends tried to convince him he had misheard but the dwarf decided to follow barely hearable call on his own. After tearing the bush and running through the little grove, he saw a pigeon lying on the side on a little meadow. The bird lifted its head, breathing heavily, and tried to set off, scared. Barnabas did his best to comfort the wounded bird and assured it he meant no harm. After a while, Barnabas managed to calm the poor pigeon down and stiffen its hurt wing. He sat beside him and listened to how the accident occurred. Only after a moment they realized they were able to communicate. Barnabas did hear of dwarves speaking animal language but he didn’t know he was one of them. He recalled one of the sages explaining that this kind of gift was very rare and linked to important mission. For a couple of days Barnabas was taking care of his new friend until the bird was able to fly again. The big adventure of the young dwarf was yet to begin. One beautiful day in spring, the pigeon took Barnabas for a ride in the sky. Only then did Barnabas realize he was born to fly. He was as skilled as experienced pilot.

It took him some time to tell others of his friendship with the bird and the flight.  After meticulously examining Barnabas’ tale, his parents informed the Great Council who decided that such a wonderful gift couldn’t be wasted and had to be used for the benefit of the entire dwarf society. This is how the new chapter in the history of dwarves opened. The chapter, where the guild of pigeon-keepers founded by Barnabas changed the life of the little inhabitants of underground Wrocław. I takes yet another story to describe their unbelievable adventures, though.