St. John’s Fair from May 21 on Wrocław Market

JarmarkFrom May 21, on the Market, you will be able to purchase beautiful gifts, admire craftsmen at work, eat special food and relax in the green zone of St. John’s Gardens.

The traditional St. John’s Fair will be held along the Oławska and Świdnicka Street. It will run from 21 May to June 26 and the stands will be open from 10 am. Just like every year, they will offer a variety of gifts, jewelry, decorative ceramics, amber, wood and linen. Craftsmen like blacksmiths will show their talents. It will be possible to purchase highland cheese, Lithuanian meats, breads, traditional cakes, Turkish baklava and many species of coffee or tea. For the first time, in wooden cabins, there will also be mountain honey, as well as Georgian jams and preserves available.

The space around the pillory will turn into St. John’s Gardens with various species of plants and a boat filled with flowers. There will be also some colorful attractions for children.

On the last days of the fair there are special attractions:

On June 11, there will be a florist exhibition by the pillory

On June 12, children and parents will be able to build a St. John’s tower of Jenga blocks during the Great Family Game

On June 19, there will be workshops conducted under the supervision of Wroclaw florists, and a competition for the most beautiful wreath.