Scout Water Center is organizing a fundraiser for the creation of a new dwarf!

Odra Washer, by Klearchos Kapoutsis/ cc by 2.0/

Odra Washer, by Klearchos Kapoutsis/ cc by 2.0/

Girl guides and scouts, as well as supporters of the Rancho Scout Water Center, dream about having a new, friendly dwarf in their facility. They will not succeed without financial assistance. We encourage you to support this initiative.

Rancho Scout Water Center will soon celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of its creation. On this occasion, girl guides and scouts would like to bring to the center a new host – Rancher dwarf.

The dwarf would stand on a property located at 49 Na Grobli Street, near the Rancho Scout Water Center. Every day, there are numerous training courses for sailing badges taking place there. Several teams of scouts also operate within it, including “Geronimo”, “Margot”, “Phinezja” and the youngest scouts, called “Rancherries”.

For half a century the scout community has been united by love for sailing. They should be given a dwarf who will share their passions and interests for the next fifty years. Girl guides and scouts have calculated that sculpting the dwarf will cost them about 5 thousand zloty. Now, all members kindly ask for a donation of any amount, paid into the center’s account:
74 1140 2017 0000 4302 1306 8273
ZHP Hufiec Wrocław HOW RANCHO
with a note: Krasnal Rancher.

The members of the center assure that each zloty paid into the account will bring them closer to owning a dwarf and celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of the resort.

Creating a dwarf is a very simple process. If an organization wants to do it, the first step is to get the approval of land managers. Then, it chooses a sculptor and makes a decision about a design and price. When the dwarf is ready, every originator is kindly asked to register it on our website by completing this form.