Read me Wroclaw. Literary activities for children

book-436508_640On the weekend of April 22-24, Wroclaw will officially become the UNESCO World Capital of Books. On this occasion, children can count on numerous attractions.

April 22, 5 pm

Meeting with Iwona Chmielweską, author of picture books and workshop titled “Little gaps of existence: what constitutes a human being.” Children aged 6 to 10 years old will set off on a journey with the book “Maum” and try to look for a metaphorical house in which they live.

April 23, 11 am

Family workshop shEXPERTS, during which participants will learn how book designs have evolved over the years, and what they have in common with posters. The workshop will be conducted by 3D, i.e. Design for Children.

April 23, 1 pm

“Houses as mirrors” workshop. Each participant will construct a unique paper house where they will feel at home and live. It will be creative fun with cardboard.

April 23, 3 pm

Open meeting Radio Three reads for children. Radio Three journalists – Agnieszka Szydłowska and Michał Nogaś – will read children stories.

All meetings will take place at Barbara Bar at 8c Świdnicka Street and are free of charge. Booking is essential for workshops.

“Little gaps of existence” and “Houses as mirrors”: booking at

shEXPERTS: booking at