Parks full of culture: kids meet art, every week

parkiCultural pavilions can be found the parks Południowy, Grabiszyński and Staszica, two of which offer literary meetings for both adults and children.

Parks of culture” is a project that hands down the organization of cultural events into the hands of Wroclaw dwellers. It involves creating space where residents can hold meetings or share their passions and talent. Each pavilion is equipped with a stage, microphones and a sound system. The audience can relax in sun loungers and on chairs. Kids are provided with crayons, coloring books and paper. You can also play badminton and turnball.

Every Sunday, the literary association Wybory Literackie holds its „Afternoon teas with books” in Park Południowy, during which excerpts from Polish literature, poetry and prose are read. Last Sunday, the Ej.Aj amateur theater actors and Wybory Literackie volunteers read Jerzy Żuławski’s The Moon Trilogy. The name of the event is not an empty slogan. Tea is served at 5:00 p.m.

At the same time of the day, in Grabiszyński Park, a children’s counterpart of the above event takes place: „Readings for children”. Joanna Gala, the founder of the blog, provides valuable books for kids to the cultural pavilion. What is more, not only reading takes place on the grass. There are also yoga classes, meditation sessions and tap dancing shows. Children’s stories are read by bloggers and actors. On one July Sunday, a Dwarf appeared on the stage of the pavilion to read Tutlandia by Agnieszka Ginko to children. The Wroclaw artist who runs the website played the role of the dwarf.

The meetings in parks will continue until the end of August.