Parks full of culture: art spaces put in the hands of Wroclaw residents

fot. ah&am/ (CC BY-NC 2.0)/

fot. ah&am/ (CC BY-NC 2.0)/

The “ECC Parks” project starts on Saturday, July 11. Residents will decide for themselves what attractions they will encounter. These may include: theaters, cabarets, concerts, discussion clubs, reading in the fresh air, open-air exhibitions, fitness zone.

Will Wroclaw parks fill up with culture? Will the most beautiful green areas of Wroclaw transform into artistic Hyde Parks? Will we applaud the creativity of Wroclaw residents every weekend? Will parks become another place for cultural meetings, concerts, performances, stand-ups, mutual inspiration, fun and relaxation?

Parks will fill with culture

Starting from this coming Saturday there will be a great opportunity for all these things to happen. On the initiative of the European Capital of Culture, “ECC Parks” are being created. “Pavilions of culture”, in the form of containers with a stage and place for the audience are being installed in three parks of Wroclaw.

“We are putting them in the hands of residents and we would like to invite Wroclaw citizens to organize initiatives around the pavilions and thus contribute to local cultural events” said Krzysztof Maj, General Director of the Bureau of European Capital of Culture. “We encourage residents to benefit from the potential of these sites and present their own skills and artistic passions.”

The pavilions are being placed this morning in South Park (near to the Chopin monument), Grabiszyński Park (near the Solskiego Street, near the playground) and Staszica Park (near the fountain). Each container is equipped with sound equipment with microphones. They will include an Exhibit Space, a stage and comfortable seating for the audience.

All pavilions will be open during the holidays every Saturday and Sunday from midday to 7 pm (and later if necessary). “ECC Parks” take off on July 11. Their role will be determined by Wroclaw residents and visitors to the parks. Theaters, cabarets, concerts, discussion clubs, reading in fresh air, open-air exhibitions, fitness zone – these are just some of the proposals. The organizers are hoping that Wroclaw residents will surprise them and show to what other purposes the containers of culture can be used.

“We believe in the potential that resides in the people. Wroclaw is a city of creative people, so we encourage them to take advantage of the opportunity to show this also in the parks” says Dorota Feliks, Director of Wroclaw Center for Social Development. “We want everyone to become an artist in the European Capital of Culture and thus expand the cultural offer in our city.”

“ECC Parks” will not have any imposed program, everything depends on the creativity of the residents: coordinators wait for them and encourage everyone to come and see the new spaces for Wroclaw culture and think of their use and maybe prepare a presentation in front of Wroclaw residents.


City Parks are for all residents, so are the pavilions of culture – everyone can benefit from them. Just send a notification to the appropriate coordinator of “European Capital of Culture Park” and fix the date, time and topics:

Coordinator of South Park:, phone: 883 044 377

Coordinator of Grabiszyński Park:, phone: 883 044 378

Coordinator of Staszica Park:, phone: 883 044 372