On work, fame and grudges between dwarfs

bardusDwarfs, like humans, tend to hold grudges. Most often, they argue about who is to stand where. Naturally, being the pride of the town brings some perks. And while we are talking about benefits, fame is also at stake. Popularity is something that dwarfs like the most, and Bardie has the greatest weakness of all…

– “Washer, have you read today’s Dwarf Courier?” once asked Miller.
– “Today, I did not have time to buy it, as I hurried towards Oder. The river went up again, I must keep an eye on it. And why are you asking?”
– “Imagine that once again they write about this Bardie. I’ll tell you that this dwarf has no shame!”
– “What happened?”
– “It says that he is demanding a better location. How many times has he tried it this month? After all, he is right on Legnica Street. It is a very big street, it has a wide sidewalk, and he keeps complaining! What kind of the showcase for the city is a complaining dwarf?!”
– “Miller … But as I remember from previous articles, Bardie complains that he does not earn enough from playing the guitar on Legnica Street. It is rumored that he borrowed some money from the Treasurer himself! Apparently he struggles financially…”
– “Nonsense!” Miller exclaimed indignantly “If a dwarf does not have enough to pay the bills, he should simply do something more useful than playing the guitar all day. But then Bardie prefers to keep complaining in the newspaper, instead of getting down to honest work”

Hearing these words Oder Washer decided to leave the river to its own course for a moment and instead examine the article that incensed Miller so much.
– “Soon there will be a long weekend, a few days off work, and you, Miller, want to spend this time arguing with Bardie? But Wroclaw has plenty of space for everyone. Why shouldn’t Bardie change the street on which he stands?”
– “Because, dear Washer, that Bardie would most happily appear with his guitar in the Market! And I wonder what will you say, when such a dwarf with a guitar comes along and throws you from the Oder bank, or me from the Mill Bridge. And then what will happen? Where will we go? Who will pay attention to us? So many years of honest work in the mill in vain because of the whim of a musician?!”

Miller threw Dwarf Courier to the floor. He exclaimed – “I will not allow this!” – And ran toward Kuźnicza Street, where Dispensers guard the city budget.

– “I demand suspension of the payment of municipal money to Bardie! This Dwarf is a stain on the honor of the family of industrious dwarfs. He does not deserve anything” the agitated Miller shouted in the direction of Dispensers.
– “Dwarf, you cannot demand this from us. We only serve Dwarfs, and we do not manage municipal finances…”
– “In that case, make an ATM swallow Bardie’s credit card. Or better yet – proclaim the failure of the system. Do not give him any change. He does not deserve anything. He just wants to get rich at the expense of other dwarfs. He only cares about fame and money, he is not concerned with the fate of other dwarfs!”
– “What you say, Miller, is not fair … If you have any objections to the work of Bardie for the city, then, I think, you should talk to Banker and Treasurer. They manage payments.”
“Bah! You did not help either, Dispensers” Miller snorted and walked away in the direction of the great edifice of the bank, where he hoped to find Banker and Treasurer.

Miller waited a long time before anyone would put in motion the revolving door, so he could sneak inside the bank. Although the mill has been closed for a long time, Miller still bakes bread as a hobby and loves to indulge his passion, without wasting unnecessary time for other activities. But this time the matter of Bardie really annoyed him.

– “Banker and Treasurer, I’m glad I finally found you. I came to tell you what I think about the whole Bardie story.”
– “You are referring to this article in today’s Dwarf Courier?” asked Banker.
– “Yes. You must know, dear fellow dwarfs, that I am the sixth generation of the family of hard working dwarfs. I have baked tons of Wroclaw buns and I cannot accept Bardie, who tries to take everything away from me.
– “Bardie tries to take something away from you? What?” Treasurer asked incredulously.
– “Something most valuable – my place in the heart of the city, only to play the guitar on the market, earning even more money than he earns in the place where he stands now.”
– “Miller! You are completely wrong!” both dwarfs shouted out.
– “How is not so? But the newspapers still write about him …”
– “They write, but fame does not always imply maintenance. Also, it is not always all about money,” Treasurer explained.
– “Miller, Bardie does not want to hurt any dwarf. He would like to change his location, but not at the expense of someone else. You see, the street on which he stands is beautiful and wide. There are many cars, but that does not mean that Bardie is well off there.”
– “Does it mean that Bardie is not very rich and greedy for more luxuries?” Miller asked incredulously.
– “No, Miller, everyone gets the same reward for decorating the city.” explained Banker.
– “And you know, Miller, that playing the guitar is also a job. Different from yours, but equally valuable and worthy of remuneration. Bardie puts a lot of heart and effort into music. He trained his talent and skills for many years. We cannot now deny him his payment” said Treasurer.
– “So why he does he want to change his place?”
– “You see, Bardie – like all of us – is tiny. And the street is really huge. The cars that pass it are so fast that it makes Bardie feel unnoticed by people.
– “Oh no!” – exclaimed the distressed Miller “And I suspected the worst things of him while he simply wanted to live up to his dwarf obligation to make music…”

Miller lowered his eyes and went thoughtfully towards the exit. Washer could see from afar as Miller sauntered back to his mill. He remember this day very well, because quarrels between dwarfs do not happen very often. That was the end of April. After returning to his bridge, Miller baked 10 delicious buns. All went to Bardie as an apology for wrongful accusations. A few days later – in early May – the dwarfs decided to establish their own Labor Day that will remind them of how important what they do in the city is.