Ninth Festival of High Temperatures as early as this week!

Zapal się do sztukiWe invite you to 19/21 Traugutta Street, where on June 17 – 19, students of the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw will present their artistry.
The theme of this year’s event is the slogan “Light the art.” There will be shows, exciting workshops and interesting exhibitions prepared, which will display creativity and skills of the greatest artists from all over the world. Audiovisual presentations, film and animation, exhibitions, conference and games for the whole family are some of other attractions awaiting visitors.
In numerous workshops you will see how sculptures are created and even create one’s own sculpture in metal, ceramics and glass. Workshops with the final two materials, which means almost 10 of the 13 different attractions, are particularly recommended for the youngest children.
A full list of workshops and detailed information about them can be found in the workshops schedule.
We also invite you to the main page of the event.
All workshops held during the festival are free.