Neptune – a new citizen of Wroclaw


We welcome a new dwarf in our town! And he is not just any ordinary dwarf. He is the true ruler of the oceans and seas – Neptune the dwarf. Also known in other circles as Shanty-convent dwarf.

Neptune the dwarf, next to Navigator and Captain Jack Port, is yet another dwarf who is quite familiar with water and sea adventures. His presence in Wroclaw is not coincidental. As soon as 1732 a fountain of Neptune was constructed on the Nowy Targ Square. It referred to the overseas trade carried out by Wroclaw merchants. Despite the high sympathy and affection of the citizens of Wrocław who called the statue “George with a pitchfork,” the installation survived only until 1945. After 70 years of absence, Naptune missed Wroclaw and its citizens and decided to make a return to the city on the Oder in the form of Neptune the dwarf.

Neptune the dwarf immediately gained the reputation of the most demanding dwarf in this city. As soon as he appeared, he requested access to the sea. And he is ready to fight for it. Just look at his trident which he proudly holds in his hands .Apart from that he is very cheerful and he even likes to sing – especially shanties.

Neptune the dwarf lives next to the “Stary Klasztor” /Old Convent/ music club at 1 Purkyniego Street.

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